“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Ten is Live!


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Chapter Ten Cover

Good Evening My Lovelies~

Chapter Ten is up! And although it isn’t as intense as some of the chapters have been, it does give some background on our dear Victoria and a previous relationship of hers, one in which she is still unwillingly entangled in.

It’s also a very sweet interchange between William and she, one that shows more of the sincere protectiveness that he treats her with.

And so, here it is!

“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Ten!

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A Little Teaser from Chapter Nine of “Meeting Upon Second Chances”!


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Chapter Nine Cover

Good Evening, My Lovelies~

Here is a teaser from Chapter Nine of “Meeting Upon Second Chances”:

Smiles passed over both faces; quite giggles erupted from both at just how terribly naughty their hot exchange was, given the all too public nature of their surroundings. Not that either one of them gave a rat’s ass one as to what anyone might have thought about it. It wasn’t as though they were the first couple to do something so outrageous in a public setting. Then again, they mutually agreed, the term ‘making out’ utterly failed as an accurate describer of what had actually taken place between them. Probably more like ‘publicly molested’ each other. But hey? ‘A rose by any other name’, right?

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“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Nine


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Chapter Nine Cover

Good Afternoon My Lovelies~

The latest chapter is up and ready to be read! Please do let me know if you enjoy it!


Coming down off of the high of their first passionate exchange, William and Victoria ease back into the reality of the real world. When William suggests running off to his home for the weekend, Victoria hesitates. Sensing there is more to that than meets the eye, she explains her reasons. William resolves to aid her any way he can…

“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Nine!

Chapter Eight of “Meeting Upon Second Chances” is up!


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Chapter Eight Cover

Alright! Chapter Eight of “Meeting Upon Second Chances” is up! Here’s another little taste of it:

‘Thank God for long dress jackets!’ he thought gratefully. ‘It would not at all do for Victoria to accidentally see me in such an inflamed state!’ Not that he wasn’t at all sharing her thoughts of just how unfortunate they were at being in so public a place. No, if he could at all have his way, provided Victoria felt even half the desire for him that he was, and had been feeling for her, they would be off very quickly to a much more private, much more comfortable place, one where they most likely would not any longer be so unfamiliar with each other…

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A Little Teaser for You All..!


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Chapter Eight Cover

Alright then, My Lovelies! Here is the Chapter Eight Teaser from “Meeting Upon Second Chances” I promised you! I do hope you like it. This chapter hasn’t been released on my Wattpad yet; you all are getting first dibs on it! If you enjoy this little snippet, you can always find the first seven chapters on my Wattpad. Here is the link:

WilliamPowellsGirl on Wattpad!

And so, without further ado…

“Victoria could only look at him, amazement filling every part of her at this miracle sitting not but inches from her. She found she had to struggle to not just run her hands over every available inch of exposed flesh she could easily find access to, at least that wouldn’t be completely inappropriate to do so, given the very public nature of their current surroundings. Almost as if reading her mind, William found himself suddenly rather uncomfortable in his trousers, a growing erection forming, having decided to have a mind of it’s own.”



Another busy day…


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thankful heart

Here at my mundane job, trying to play catch up from my days off. Finally have another chapter of my story up on Wattpad, and then trying to get some reading done of some of the stories of my followers there. Not having a computer of my own at the moment, it makes it challenging to get everything done that I wish to accomplish.

So, if you comment or like anything I post here, and I don’t get back to you as quickly as I’d like to, please… bear with me, and I shall as soon as I can, I promise…

“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Seven


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Chapter Seven Cover

Good Afternoon My Lovelies~

Chapter Seven of “Meeting Upon Second Chances” is up!


When William and Victoria finally meet in ‘real time’, they both quickly come to the conclusion that something significant is blossoming between them. Playful banter ensues, which leads to a very warm exchange of affection…

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“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Seven





“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Six


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Chapter Six Cover

William’s surprise request for a phone call has the hoped for effect, leading William and Victoria to Skype until the wee hours of the morning. They resolve to meet after his return from his trip, a meeting that will end up having lasting repercussions for both of them…

“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Six





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Good Evening My Lovelies~

So, I’m beginning to see that I need to follow in my very wise Sister’s footsteps – Author Allison Carvin – and schedule updates of my stories, balanced against reading other author’s stories, writing on mine, as well as working ritual and other magick. There really are not enough hours in the day to try to do all those things everyday. At least, not with having to work a mundane job, plus not having access to a personal computer currently.

So, until I can get some things straightened out – perhaps still even once I do – I will tentatively update current stories every other day, excepting weekends, but still try to post something everyday, such as teasers from the chapters.

Other than that, Thanks for all the continued Love and Support!

“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter updates!

Meeting Upon Second Chances Cover

Good Evening My Lovelies~

Chapters One and Three have been updated… just a few things added to help clarify some things about William and Victoria with regards to how old they are. This isn’t a typical romantic fiction, and so they both aren’t the typical youngsters one tends to find in romantic stories!

Anyway, give those chapters a new read and see what’s changed!

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