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Chapter Eight Cover

Alright then, My Lovelies! Here is the Chapter Eight Teaser from “Meeting Upon Second Chances” I promised you! I do hope you like it. This chapter hasn’t been released on my Wattpad yet; you all are getting first dibs on it! If you enjoy this little snippet, you can always find the first seven chapters on my Wattpad. Here is the link:

WilliamPowellsGirl on Wattpad!

And so, without further ado…

“Victoria could only look at him, amazement filling every part of her at this miracle sitting not but inches from her. She found she had to struggle to not just run her hands over every available inch of exposed flesh she could easily find access to, at least that wouldn’t be completely inappropriate to do so, given the very public nature of their current surroundings. Almost as if reading her mind, William found himself suddenly rather uncomfortable in his trousers, a growing erection forming, having decided to have a mind of it’s own.”