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Chaos 1

Good Morning All My Lovelies~

The last couple of days off have been okay. Saturday saw me in bed most of the day due to the muscles in my back wanting to seize up. Very painful, and definitely *not* a lot of fun. Fortunately, it’s much better today. Though, I do have to say, its my own fault, really… I’ve missed out on the past few days for working out. However, that will start up again tomorrow!

As for writing stuff…

I’m going to be deleting my fic off from Wattpad. I’m doing this as it has become increasingly frustrating to use. There are regular issues with formatting; the PC version of the site will show everything is fine, but when accessed from my mobile phone, its all messed up. And then even with the PC version, I’ve had to go in to re-format chapters that I’ve done so previously several times. And when I do that, I lose all the lovely comments people leave there for me.

So, I’ll be keeping the account, as I have several people there that I follow and follow me, that have some really good stories that I wish to keep up with. I will go into my ‘about’ and put up the link to my WordPress page. That is where I’ll be publishing my fics from now on. It’s super easy to use, and I’ve never had a lick of trouble with it. I just do not any longer have any time to deal with a site that continually messes up my formatting; it makes my work look amateurish, as though I couldn’t be bothered to present it properly.

And never fear, My Faithful Followers! I shall post here when I put up new chapters, or other things that I write here!