“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Seven


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Chapter Seven Cover

Good Afternoon My Lovelies~

Chapter Seven of “Meeting Upon Second Chances” is up!


When William and Victoria finally meet in ‘real time’, they both quickly come to the conclusion that something significant is blossoming between them. Playful banter ensues, which leads to a very warm exchange of affection…

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“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Seven






“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Six


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Chapter Six Cover

William’s surprise request for a phone call has the hoped for effect, leading William and Victoria to Skype until the wee hours of the morning. They resolve to meet after his return from his trip, a meeting that will end up having lasting repercussions for both of them…

“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Six





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Good Evening My Lovelies~

So, I’m beginning to see that I need to follow in my very wise Sister’s footsteps – Author Allison Carvin – and schedule updates of my stories, balanced against reading other author’s stories, writing on mine, as well as working ritual and other magick. There really are not enough hours in the day to try to do all those things everyday. At least, not with having to work a mundane job, plus not having access to a personal computer currently.

So, until I can get some things straightened out – perhaps still even once I do – I will tentatively update current stories every other day, excepting weekends, but still try to post something everyday, such as teasers from the chapters.

Other than that, Thanks for all the continued Love and Support!

“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter updates!

Meeting Upon Second Chances Cover

Good Evening My Lovelies~

Chapters One and Three have been updated… just a few things added to help clarify some things about William and Victoria with regards to how old they are. This isn’t a typical romantic fiction, and so they both aren’t the typical youngsters one tends to find in romantic stories!

Anyway, give those chapters a new read and see what’s changed!

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“Meeting Upon Second Chances” Teaser


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Opening up his message ended up being harder than she thought it would.  For once opened, it would forever alter her world, regardless of what it said.  Once opened up, then read, there would be no closing it again to try to make believe she had never opened it up to begin with. “Here goes nothing…” breathing deeply, unconsciously holding it, hoping against hope.

Chapter Five Cover

“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Five


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Chapter Five Cover

A heartfelt apology from William brings emotional relief to Victoria, and healing for both of their hearts. When a forgotten trip to visit relatives out of state threatens William’s promise to finally meet Victoria, he sends her a cryptic message, one that, if she takes a chance on, will be the beginning of trust renewed and faith restored…

“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Five

Busy Day…


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Busy day, seemingly not nearly enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Getting the fourth chapter up on my current William Powell fic, answering notifications of all the lovely comments I’ve received thus far on it; working my Orobas ritual, and getting all of the updates on both onto all of my social media.

It’s a ton of work, but I *Love* it. Its getting me involved more and more with two of my passions: Writing, and Magick.

This weekend will see me without ability to make major updates (no computer). However, I have planned to do some writing on a new William Powell fic! This one came from a dream I had a few nights ago, so again, one I am super passionate about!

I’ll also be working Days 4, 5, and 6 of Lord Orobas’ ritual, so when I get back to work on Sunday, it’ll be another day of massive updating for everything!

Thanks again to all my Lovely Followers!


“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Four


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Chapter Four Cover

William comes to his senses after reading Victoria’s farewell message, realizing almost too late just how deeply she truly feels about him. Victoria, however, feeling emotionally bereft, struggles to keep her rebellious heart from undermining her determination to forget she ever met William…


“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Four

Orobas Ritual, Day 2


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Ritual with Orobas, Day Two


18301955_1512327345452515_4139337765655620397_nThe second day of the ritual was much like the first one, only this time we didn’t speak as much. And only because it had already been put to me on the first day as to what would be expected of me.

The second day consisted of me evoking Lord Orobas, then settling in to focus on his sigil, and chanting his enn as a mantra.

However, the energy that flowed into me and through me was much more powerful, so much so, that there was a constant struggle to simply remain conscious. There was again the overwhelming feeling of falling down through the rings of reality – as has been spoken of by EA Koetting. I will say here that since I learned of the theta-gamma sync state, I have become able to enter it within seconds, and merely by setting my mind to that purpose.

This second day, again, was very much more… potent. I had the thought come to me that the ‘juice’ was being turned up with a view towards testing me and stretching me, if you will. Pushing me just to the point of breaking.  There was once wherein Orobas whispered to me that I could stop if I wanted too. And I knew I could have, and not be judged for it. But I wanted to push on, wanted to push myself to the limit. I *needed* to. I held until the incense had burned out to within about an inch and a half in length – being a good seven inches to start.

That was when I was told very firmly, yet gently, that I needed to stop; that I was going to need to sleep for a bit before I had to get ready for work. And, honestly, at that point, I knew I was in need. For even though I could feel myself acclimating to the new level of energy, I was done, and I knew it. I felt as though I had accomplished something of great import, but I had paid a toll, one that I realized would probably affect me for at least the next day or so.

Indeed, today when I woke up, I was maxed. I had slept somewhat deeply, but I could tell I was still down from yesterday’s ritual. I wanted to do Day 3 today, but I realized I wasn’t in much good shape for it. Orobas and I spoke briefly about it, and I asked him to beg off of doing the third day today. He agreed that it would be better to rest today, with my promise to pick it right back up tomorrow.

In the end, though, I did end up sitting for about five minutes, in a light meditative state, focusing on Orobas and his sigil – mentally – and chanted his enn nine times. Again I was greeted with the rush of energy from him. It both enervated and refreshed me. I know that may not make any logical sense, but that was the effect, nonetheless.

To Be Continued…