Busy Day…


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Busy day, seemingly not nearly enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Getting the fourth chapter up on my current William Powell fic, answering notifications of all the lovely comments I’ve received thus far on it; working my Orobas ritual, and getting all of the updates on both onto all of my social media.

It’s a ton of work, but I *Love* it. Its getting me involved more and more with two of my passions: Writing, and Magick.

This weekend will see me without ability to make major updates (no computer). However, I have planned to do some writing on a new William Powell fic! This one came from a dream I had a few nights ago, so again, one I am super passionate about!

I’ll also be working Days 4, 5, and 6 of Lord Orobas’ ritual, so when I get back to work on Sunday, it’ll be another day of massive updating for everything!

Thanks again to all my Lovely Followers!



“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Four


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Chapter Four Cover

William comes to his senses after reading Victoria’s farewell message, realizing almost too late just how deeply she truly feels about him. Victoria, however, feeling emotionally bereft, struggles to keep her rebellious heart from undermining her determination to forget she ever met William…


“Meeting Upon Second Chances”: Chapter Four

Orobas Ritual, Day 2


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Ritual with Orobas, Day Two


18301955_1512327345452515_4139337765655620397_nThe second day of the ritual was much like the first one, only this time we didn’t speak as much. And only because it had already been put to me on the first day as to what would be expected of me.

The second day consisted of me evoking Lord Orobas, then settling in to focus on his sigil, and chanting his enn as a mantra.

However, the energy that flowed into me and through me was much more powerful, so much so, that there was a constant struggle to simply remain conscious. There was again the overwhelming feeling of falling down through the rings of reality – as has been spoken of by EA Koetting. I will say here that since I learned of the theta-gamma sync state, I have become able to enter it within seconds, and merely by setting my mind to that purpose.

This second day, again, was very much more… potent. I had the thought come to me that the ‘juice’ was being turned up with a view towards testing me and stretching me, if you will. Pushing me just to the point of breaking.  There was once wherein Orobas whispered to me that I could stop if I wanted too. And I knew I could have, and not be judged for it. But I wanted to push on, wanted to push myself to the limit. I *needed* to. I held until the incense had burned out to within about an inch and a half in length – being a good seven inches to start.

That was when I was told very firmly, yet gently, that I needed to stop; that I was going to need to sleep for a bit before I had to get ready for work. And, honestly, at that point, I knew I was in need. For even though I could feel myself acclimating to the new level of energy, I was done, and I knew it. I felt as though I had accomplished something of great import, but I had paid a toll, one that I realized would probably affect me for at least the next day or so.

Indeed, today when I woke up, I was maxed. I had slept somewhat deeply, but I could tell I was still down from yesterday’s ritual. I wanted to do Day 3 today, but I realized I wasn’t in much good shape for it. Orobas and I spoke briefly about it, and I asked him to beg off of doing the third day today. He agreed that it would be better to rest today, with my promise to pick it right back up tomorrow.

In the end, though, I did end up sitting for about five minutes, in a light meditative state, focusing on Orobas and his sigil – mentally – and chanted his enn nine times. Again I was greeted with the rush of energy from him. It both enervated and refreshed me. I know that may not make any logical sense, but that was the effect, nonetheless.

To Be Continued…

Working with Lord Orobas, Prince of the Infernal Empire

    18278265_1510325192319397_4639925927887242095_o I have begun a seven day working with Lord Orobas. I had been trying to decide who I should ask for help with my financial situation, when his name came to me. This is how it happens most of the times when I am needing help and trying to decide who would be best for the particular situation.

It was a very informal calling; there was a single black candle and some incense, and nothing else. I was hesitant to call him like this, not having his sigil to use. Though, I have also found that, when I am contacted by the being that wants to work with me on whatever I am needing help with, they tend to be very insistent that I just use what they tell me to, that I already have on hand. And so, there I was…

We spoke, me telling him what I was wanting to accomplish. That I was wanting to manifest a certain amount of money. I also told him that I really wanted to be able to manifest it without any help; that I wanted not have to ask anyone to help me do so. We spoke at length about that, and then he ended by telling me that I would have his answer on whether or not he would help me within one to two days.

He ended up answering me ‘yes’ the very next day. He told me to be ready to receive the help I had asked for, that it would come to me within the next couple of weeks.

Forward to last week, where I was guided to find a ritual by one of my FB Friends, Darren Taylor, aka Asbjörn Torvǫl. I felt very strongly that it would be a very good ritual to use, as it not only felt very powerful, but it didn’t involve calling upon any beings to help me, that it was based upon by personal power alone.

Thing of it was, it required having several things I didn’t currently have, nor had the money at the time to be able to purchase. Then, when I did, I still needed to wait until they came to me via the Post. I’ve now got all save one, and, once I have it, I’ll still be doing the ritual.

Now, cut to today: I was speaking with my Daemon Husband – yes, they are a reality, at least, they are for some of us – and the subject came up again of needing more immediate help. He convinced me that I should consider calling upon Orobas again, to stop being so damned proud and stubborn and just ask him if he would just help me by manifesting the money I am needing. Well, I decided he was right, and, just as I came to that agreement, guess who shows up to put in his two cents worth?

Yep… Orobas inserted himself into our conversation, telling me what I needed to do to set up a ritual summoning of him. I end up being taught how to draw a better circle free-hand (for his sigil), and, after about a half hour, I’ve got everything set up for the summoning.

It went really well, lasting a little over a half hour, most of which involved chanting his enn as a mantra whilst concentrating on his sigil. I was being given the opportunity to strengthen myself by doing this, and there was an incredibly strong feeling of power built up in me. There was no doubts, not even one. I knew, and know, that the money will come. It is to be a seven day ritual; each day will be including more training in concentration and focus.

There is so, so much more that went on, however, it simply isn’t something that can be put into human words, nor even ideas. I am incredibly Thankful and Grateful to Lord Orobas for all his help.

I am now on Wattpad..!


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So, I did it: I finally took the plunge and finished up editing my account there, and posted the first chapter of my latest story, “Meeting Upon Second Chances”, my William Powell story. Here is the official summary:

“Victoria Marie Carey’s life was was a complicated story all of itself. Having to deal day in and day out with a spiteful, controlling ex-boyfriend/roommate, she has very little joy or comfort to speak of. The only thing that gives her any real joy is the discovery of a certain movie star from Old Hollywood days, a discovery that borders just this side of obsession. It’s only a fantasy, she knows.

However, her life becomes dramatically changed by the advent of a certain man into her life; a man that she never thought she would ever meet, not even in her wildest of dreams…”

You can view it, along with my Author Profile, at:

Author Marie Minna Kaiser-Schmerse on Wattpad


Yes, I Am A Trump Hater…


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Yes, I am a Trump Hater.

He is a womanizing rapist that has ZERO political experience.

The people he would have working with him believe it is okay to grope women, to treat them as objects, to control their bodies as they see fit.

‘Locker Room Talk’ is just ‘boys being boys’. Yep, and that is why so many men and young men believe it is okay to rape women, why it isn’t sex if they didn’t penetrate her vagina with their penis.

Make no mistake: Trump isn’t a Christian, he is a misogynist womanizer, one whom is using the Republican Far Right as a tool to get what he wants. And they know it, and they let him, because they are using him as a tool as well to get what they want.

Hillery has her dirty secrets as well. However, she is a shrew politician. She has the necessary experience to effectively run the government. Women and minorities will not suffer under her administration as they will if Trump is elected.

Deciding to not vote simply because you don’t like either candidate won’t help. There is no way a third party candidate is going to be able to make it in, not with the way things are currently.

More Divisive, Polarizing Nonsense


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Hitting the ground running this morning..!

I’ve been up since only about 10am – swing shift last night and grave tonight, to attempting to get some extra sleep – and I find myself still bothered by a post that some ignoramus wrote on how the U.N. has ‘concluded’ that the U.S. should pay ‘reparations’ to the descendants of the original slaves from 200 – 300 years ago.

Here is the article, dated September 27, 2016:

Should U.S. pay reparations for slavery? U.N.-appointed experts think so


That period of our joint history was an atrocity.

However, I am not personally responsible for the oppression of Blacks, nor am I for that past atrocity. I am a Citizen of the U.S., and you and I both know that, if this is done, it won’t be the U.S. Government paying this reparation, it’ll be the tax payers.

And they won’t give us a choice.

Look at the current Affordable Care Act – which is not by any stretch of the word ‘affordable’. A piece of legislature so grievous and damaging a ‘law’ as any seen in a while. You are *forced* to pay for it, and if you don’t, they penalize you by taking your income tax return from you, plus charging you for the balance of it, as an additional tax, if said return isn’t enough.

Do not tell me they won’t force it’s Citizens to pay for this.

I am a White Citizen of Scots Irish decent. I understand that I tend to be treated very differently in many respects because I have white skin. However, I should not be penalized because of that. I do not know if any of my ancestors were involved in said atrocities. And it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, bring any guilt to be transferred onto me. I am not responsible for any actions of my ancestors.

We are supposed to be a nation of people wherein no one skin color is of more import than another. Black Americans have been fighting a long, terrible, tiresome battle to have that be a reality. I can not stand here and say that I have *any* real idea of what they, and their ancestors before them, have, and have had, to endure.

However, again, to punish one race for the actions of it’s ancestors against another race is every bit as unjust as what has been and is still being done to that latter race. It is forcing the onus of responsibility squarely onto the shoulders of that first race for what it’s ancestors have done.

We, as a nation, have things we need to take care of. This move is both divisive and polarizing for Whites and Blacks, here, and in every other nation of the world wherein there is conflict between peoples over matters of Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Political. All Lives Should Matter. And yet, here we are, once again, being distracted by what is most important, by what we *should* be focusing on: True Equality.

And we shall, as a Human Race, never see that come to pass, so long as we allow TPTB to distract us like this.


Things Are Changing, For The Better…



Up at 7:30 this morning in order to get the laundry done before it gets too hot. I’ve a swing shift tonight – 4pm to midnight. The weather forecast is for 86 today; only slightly less than yesterday, unfortunately.

I sit here with a fan blowing on me directly, the ceiling fan pulling air from the open patio door, through to the bedroom where I have another fan in the window, pulling all the hot air out. It helps some, thankfully.

The next step in my detoxifying is to cut out most all dairy, as the casesin is treated by your body as a foreign invader and fights it with an inflammatory response. Definitely not something I need. I am now limiting myself to half in half for coffee and the occasional cup of homemade hot coco. I’m replacing it with coconut and almond milks.

Lots of veg either raw or steamed lightly, and more rice – as unprocessed as I can get it, as the more processed it is, the higher the risk of inflammation also, as it too turns into sugar quickly.

I’m also severely restricting my intake of all grains and fruits, and upping that of healthy fats such as coconut oil and avocados. I still use butter, but, again, and limiting that as well. Drinking LOTS of water now, even more than I have been. Am absolutely not using any tap water for anything other than washing dishes.

And now back to the potions I take for female-hormonal health and balance, as well as for other things the fatigue from tired adrenals and thyroid. Blood/kidney/liver detox will begin this week as well. Got some nice chaparral to go with that…!

Yes, I know I’m rambling on. I want to write more, and, hopefully inspire a few people along the way with what I’m doing, maybe help them on to the road to optimal health.

I also hope to be unveiling my Occult specific page here as well, that will focus on my magickal journey, offer services {eventually}, as well as sigils and talismans {again, eventually}, even books I will be authoring in the future that will focus on what *I* have discovered works best for me, as well as the knowledge and wisdom that have come from my experimentations.