Want a Review?

Want a review? Here’s what you do:

Send me an email telling me about your book.  If its been published on online sites like Amazon, Lulu, etc., and you’d like for me to leave a review there, send me the link, and I’ll be happy to do so! Send me a copy of your book in whatever E-form you have it in {Pdf, Pub, Mobi} so that I can read it; or if it’s up on a site where you have it listed as “Free” for some sort of promo, just send me the link, and I’ll read it.

As I have a fair amount of time available currently, I should be able to have your book read within about a week.  Then, I’ll write up my review, email it to you for you to approve; then you write me back letting me know you approve my review, and then I’ll blast it here on WordPress and all my other social media sites.

What it’ll cost you:  All I would ask is that you be willing to give my book a review also! Currently, I’ve only one that I’ve published, but I plan on having more in the near future.  Right now it’s on Amazon/Kindle, so if you would be willing to leave a review there, as well as here on WordPress and/or any other social media you may/may not have, then that would be awesome also.  Basically, wherever I would promo yours, you would promo mine there in exchange!

If you’re interested in this, just email me to:  siannamarie1964@gmail.com


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